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celeb_undacover's Journal

_Celeb UndaCover_
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Yes Its here! lol a role playing Game for Celebs and Actors!! Okay theirs just a few rules to become apart of this fun activity.. lol

1. u can only play 3 ppl! if you play more its not fair to the other ppl and plus.. its no fun!

2. If you would like to be sumone u hafta email be who you would like to be and my email addy is celebundacover@aol.com

3. know the difference between OOC: out of charachter and IC:in character! if you would like to tell someone that OOC then u put it in brackets as such [ ]

4. please do not be stupid and get *for example* a 13 yr. old pregnant! lol

5. have fun!!